Call for Entries: Submit your film for Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film

The Young Cuts Association from Belgrade is opened for entries for the 12th Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film. As in previous editions, we will consider all the films dealing with wide variety of film fantasy and horror, regardless the film budget. Entry deadline is 20st September 2018.

Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film takes place during October 2018. Film programme will be followed by many promotions, grandstands and master classes. Regardind our established tradision, we will make our 5th Zombie City Walk.

Oficial award of the Festival is Oscull, and it is assigned in national (Serbian), regional (ex-Yugoslav countries except Serbia) and international (worldwide) selections.

Oscull Award is opened for all motifs, in following categories:

  • Jury Award for the Best Film
  • Audience’ Choice
  • Best Story
  • Best Visual Effects in Feature Film
  • Special Award for the Individual Achievement
  • Best Film from the Regoin (except Serbia)
  • Best Foreign Film (from all around the world)

Films competing for Oscull Award should tackle some of fantastic motifs (horror, epic, folklore, urban, SF, anything you can imagine). English subtitles are required for this selection.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Foreign full-length films will not be considered for Oscull Award, but it will be screened in the off-programme of Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film, while domestic full-length can apply. The aim of this decision is to improve national production of fantastic films.

Deadline for submissions is 20th September 2o18.

You can find Submission Form HERE.

Adress for entries: E-mail of the Festival:

Feel free to contact us:

Jovan Ristić +381 61 1354 140

Miroslav Lakobrija +381 64 242 08 80

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